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Technical Tips

ODBC Information

The RTX ODBC drivers are 32bit drivers, written to the ODBC 3.0 specification. As such, the ODBC drivers for RTXHDB are limited by the constraints of this specification. To help us at RTX understand these constraints we had to do a fair bit of research, which turned up the following documents in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

No Further Development of 16-bit ODBC (Q140495)  Microsoft does not plan any more development on 16-bit ODBC.
Reserved Keywords in MS-Query (Q125948) How do you find all of the valid SQL commands supported by ODBC?
Query Specifications (Q141174) Many of the Microsoft applications use MSQuery or MSQry32 to bring data from External Sources, including ODBC data sources. Knowing some limitations will help you make better use of these applications.
Note: If you have not yet accessed the Microsoft Knowledge Base, you will be asked to register before you can view these articles. Registration and use of the Knowledge Base is free. You may also use this vast source of information to solve other problems.

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