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Technical Tips

TREND LINK Tech Tips (2): - Info on how to use the Curve Information Dialog Box.

A box will appear to the right of the curve window for each curve on the chart. The box will be centered vertically in the curve's band area. The color of the symbolic curve in the box will be the same as that of the actual curve that it represents. A double-click of the left mouse button while the mouse cursor is over the curve symbol will cause the Curve Information Dialog Box for the curve to be activated.

TrendLink: Curve Information Dialog

It is possible to activate the Curve Information Dialog Box for more than one curve at a time. This allows the user to compare scale, band, or limit values for several curves. It is also possible to compare the Statistics Windows of different curves.

The Curve Information dialog box can also be minimized to the chart by a click on the minimize arrow in the upper right hand corner of the dialog box. The minimized box will then become a floating window on the chart that displays information about the curve. The exact information displayed in the floating window may be defined by the user by clicking on the Minimized... button located at the bottom center of the Curve Information dialog box and then selecting the fields that are to be displayed.

TrendLink: Floating Window Options

The minimized floating window can be moved anywhere on the chart that the operator desires by holding down the left mouse button over the floating window and dragging it to the desired position, then releasing the mouse button. A double-click of the left mouse button while over a minimized window will cause the window to be restored to the Curve Information Dialog box.

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