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RTX Command Line Utilities

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There are several occasions when it is important to know which version of an RTX application you are running. Examples of such occasions might be:

At other times it is useful to obtain help for the various command-line options associated with a particular program.

For almost all of the RTX command line applications, executing the application followed by a '?', '/?' or '/help' will display the program's version/revision, the date associated with the version/revision followed by a detailed explanation for each of the command-line options supported by the program. This explanation is also accompanied by a brief synopsis of the program.

The following list gives the applications which support this feature:

    Out of Date UNIX
DOS applications DOS applications applications
ADDTAGS.exe HDBPROP.exe BLD_WKS.exe hdbconfig
BLDDBF.exe HDBREQ.exe COLLECT.exe hdbmake
BLDWKS.exe HDBROOT.exe DB_ARC.exe hdbread
DB_PRINT.exe IFVAR.exe DB_DATA.exe hdbstart
DB_STAT.exe MCD.exe DB_INDEX.exe hdbstatus
DISPLAY.exe NFSWAIT.exe DB_PROP.exe hdbstop PRTFREAL.exe DB_SPAN.exe hdbxfer
GETDATE.exe QUERY.exe - see note LCOLLECT.exe  
GETTIME.exe REQCOM.exe QUERY2.EXE - see note  
HDBDATA.exe RFD.exe READ_TMP.exe  

Note: the query applications only support the '?' option to obtain version info and program help.

FOXCON.exe refer to documentation
HDBINIT.exe use the About box for version info, or the F1 key for help
HDBWKS.exe use the About box for version info, or the F1 key for help
SCHEDULE.exe use /HELP after the program is running
apcap (Unix platform) refer to documentation
rtxexec (Unix platform) refer to documentation

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