Technical Tips

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Technical Tips


  1. The BOTTOM and TOP fields of the HS_DESC.DBF file provided the default scale range for the Trend Link application.

  2. The Low and High Alarm fields of the HS_DESC.DBF file provide the default limits range for Trend Link used when the Highlight or Shaded option is selected for a trace.

  3. For server-based Trend Link applications, the notes files must reside in a directory for which the user has write access. This can be identified in the RTX.INI file, section TL Settings, as illustrated in the following example:
    [TL Settings]
    Note System Path = H:\HDB\PUBLIC

    The three files which must reside in this directory include:


  4. To switch a trend display between databases, you must have set up logical data sets in the RTX.INI file. The normal Trend Link installation procedure does this for you by creating a logical data set from the databases it finds at the time of installation. If you subsequently add or delete databases or simply want to modify the databases found in the logical data set list, you can do this easily by editing the RTX.INI file in the section TL Logical Data Set Groups.
    Once you have the logical data set specified, when you add a trace to a trend display, select the logical data set rather than the specific database. Now, from the Preferences menu, you can select Logical Data Sets and then choose the database to be used.

    Note that you can specify several different logical data sets in your RTX.INI file and these will appear in the Trend Link selection menus. An example of this is:
    [TL Logical Data Set Groups]
    RTX Databases=Minute, Hour, Shift, Day
    RTX Archives=AMinute, AHour, AShift, ADay

  5. The TLLOCAL.INI file is used by Trend Link to save run-time information from one execution to the next. For server-based Trend Link applications, this file must reside on each user's local hard disk. The simplest way to do this is to specify the location in the RTX.INI file, section TL Settings, as follows:
    [TL Settings]
    TLLOCAL Path=Windows

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