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Title Size Date Posted / Last Updated Originator
Tuning NT Workstations 6KB 3 February 2003 RTX
Provides settings to achieve the same effect were your system a NT Server
Changing the Dead Time Timer 6KB 19 December 2002 RTX
Provides method for checking and modifying the Database Dead Time Timers
Trend Link Technical Printing Tips


25 July 2002 RTX
Provides information about printing charts tag values on printer.
Trend Link Technical Tips


4 June 2002 RTX
Provides information about Trend Link configuration options.
Adjusting Historical Database Time Stamp 5KB 8 April 2002 RTX
Provides information on how to adjust the apparent time stamp of the data in RTXHDB databases.
Using Calculated Variables 13KB 4 October 2000 RTX
Provides information on setting up pre-defined expressions or calculated variables for client applications (Trend Link, Report Builder, Variables Add-in, ODBC, DDE Server ).
Optimizing Performance For Dial-up Users 12KB 4 October 2000 RTX
Specifies the files to copy to local users PC and the configuration changes to improve performance over a slow Dial-up link.
ODBC Limitations 4KB 23 February 1998 RTX
Some interesting items from the Microsoft knowledge base which we found while researching the ins and outs of ODBC.
RTX Command Line Utilities 6KB 22 February 1998 RTX
How to determine version information and command line options of RTX command line software.
Trend Link Technical Tips (2) 4KB 28 January 1998 RTX
Provides information on how to use the Curve Information Dialog Box.
DOS Scheduling on a Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Basis 14KB 28 May 1997 RTX
Describes how to schedule a batch file on a certain date or day, or month with the RTX Schedule program.
Propagation Techniques 10KB 28 April 1997 RTX
Information about creating snapshot databases and propagating data into them. Also, information about how to handle Accumulators versus regular analog data.

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