Variables Add-in for RTXHDB

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Variables Add-in for RTXHDB

Variables Add-in for RTXHDB is an Add-in for Microsoft Excel that is included with the Report Builder for RTXHDB. It is a powerful but easy-to-use package for building Microsoft Excel workbooks for data analysis and report building. It allows, by tag name, direct access to all real time and historical values in the historical databases. By the use of on-line updating and scrolling it automatically refreshes all tag values from all historical databases.

Variables Add-in for RTXHDB has a Static Data dialog, which pastes historical data directly into the Worksheet cells as text and values. Its powerful set of functions can be used to get information, from any accessible RTXHDB database or variable within any of the databases. 





  • Windows 98 / Me / NT 4.0 / 2000 / XP Pro
  • Microsoft Excel 97 (Version 8.0) or Microsoft Excel 2000 (Version 9.0)
  • Windows 2000 / XP Pro
  • Microsoft Excel 2000 (Version 9.0)

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